Ellipse Animation : CGI Tools

Developed and maintained for the 3D production pipeline.

Published on Jul 19, 2022

In 2021, I worked at Ellipse Animation (a production studio of Dargaud / Media Participations) as Technical Director to work on the production pipeline. I developed and maintained multiple tools over the 6 months of my contract, I worked mainly in Python on Maya with the different Maya APIs (Maya API, PyMel, OpenMaya).

Lots of the work I have done isn’t visual since it was Python modules and packages to automate some long and complicated tasks, scripts for artists.

I made the automation module to create and prepare the Maya scenes for the animators (import of the models, putting the correct settings, disabling / reseting some attributes, …).

I also create widgets, the main one being the Ellipse Toolkit, a widget displaying information about the current scene and providing buttons to launch the tools and edit the settings required by the multiple departments.
I put different colors on the buttons to easily find them even if the interface is re-arranged in the future.

Another Maya widget I made is the “Save Reminder”. It’s an element added to the interface that remind you easily if it’s time to save your work, see the image below that show you the different stages of the widget.

To conclude, these 6 months were very nice, it had been a while since I had worked on Autodesk Maya, I was able to strongly improve my level in Python (knowing C++ helped), overall a good experience.




6 months


Python 2 & 3


Description of the components of the Ellipse Toolkit widget.

The Save Reminder widget I developed for the artists.